Nature The Healer

I want to escape to the wilderness,
Quiet and healing,
Non judgemental,
Where alpine air fills my lungs
With the breath of solitude.
The winds shift my thoughts
To a merger whisper.
The howling moon,
Soothes the wounds of foreign lands
Aimless as I am.
I fall into a rhythm of survival,
Of working tools into a beat,
As life conjures beneath my feet.
I think of love,
And if it was ever for me,
And how far do I have to run away,
Before I’m robbed of it’s stinging taste.

As the Earth quiet,
It sings a lullaby,
Stars illuminate as it hums a symphony,
And the rhythmic swaying of tree branches,
Causes me to drift to a land of sublime,
The ground breathes a sigh,
Collecting the memories from a wounded heart,
And transporting it into the belly burned by molten core and gravitation.

Nature is a beast,
That carries us to safety,
Protecting our heads,
From boulders that slip from deep set mountains,
As we’re taken through the tempest,
Shipwrecked and thirsty,
We are comforted by a relief,
To see the beauty of the sun,
As it rises to warm our cheeks.

3 thoughts on “Nature The Healer

  1. Beautiful post, another expression of a universal experience we all share. A dear friend once said that no-one understood why he ran away to the woods to be alone. I replied, “Ran AWAY? Darlin, you were running TO, never away. And the last thing you are in Nature is alone.” Keep writing. It gives me something wonderful to share.

    1. Thank you very much for those kind words. It inspires me to keep writing. I’m grateful that the truth and honesty I write connects with someone else. Thank you again.

  2. Reblogged this on Dig Deep Thinker and commented:
    There are days when it’s enough to share someone else’s extraordinary writing rather than piece together something of your own. If you’re drawn to brave, soul-exploring writing, you will love A Mindful Warrior. I can’t say whether he considers himself a writer, but it doesn’t matter as long as he continues to express his perspectives of being human. enjoy.

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