Life Force Breathing Exercise

Warrior Breathing Excerises

Life Force Breathing Exercise

Purpose: to relieve stress, anxiety, and anger.

Start by sitting up straight in a quiet place or outdoors.
You can close your eyes or leave them open.
Imagine that you are sitting inside a blue circle.
The blue substance inside the circle is the life force and see it swirling and pulsing around you.
Take a deep breathe in.
When you inhale imagine you’re inhaling some of the life force pulsing around you.
Let the life force flow within your body, into every organ, and every cell.
Hold the breathe in for a few seconds and let the life force soak up all the anxiety, anger, resentment, doubts, worries, guilt, shame you harbor inside.
Exhale and let those emotions flow back into the life force circle and watch them disappear.
Feel yourself becoming lighter, freer, and calmer.

Do this 5-10 times with each inhale and exhale being one breath. Do this exercise whenever you are experiencing anxiety, stress, and/or anger.

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